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No Hyundai review 'as of today'

Hyundai has brought in ad consultants again, so is an account review in the offing? Review rumors have continually popped up since Bates won the carmaker's biz 12 years ago. Ad manager Bruce Goren says: "We are not doing an agency search." Goren adds Bates' brand campaign "is working very well" and producing the most "substantial positive results that we've had in many, many years." Hyundai brought in consultant and ex-Bates exec Al Achenbaum, who ran the '85 review, to look at Bates' splitaway from Cordiant, though Goren says Hyundai doesn't see issues there that will affect the relationship. Hyundai, meanwhile, hired Morgan Anderson to study its internal structure and approach to brand management. So Hyundai has no plans for a review? "As of today, no," Goren says. "I can't tell you what's going to happen down the road."

Why Big Brother now is smiling

Big Brother appeared on a big screen in Apple's famed "1984" spot to exhort, "We are one people. With one will. One resolve. One cause." Bill Gates, reprising the role, appeared on a big screen at Macworld with a similar message. No one at the Mac show had the guts to run down the aisle and smash the screen. But Gates apparently did get smashed at least once: Word is someone inside Apple once re-edited "1984" to include the head of Big Brother Bill. Over at TBWA Chiat/Day, meanwhile, Lee Clow told us he'd like to rehire Ken Segall for his new Apple team. But Segall, a one-time C/D CD who has worked closely with Apple's Steve Jobs, says he has no interest in leaving his high-profile new gig as Young & Rubicam exec VP-exec CD to rejoin his old C/D colleagues. "I'd be flattered if they asked me," he says, "but we haven't had those discussions."

Ford has the same General idea?

Some grumblings inside GM that Ford's corporate blitz, due this fall from O&M, echoes GM's 3-month-old "People in motion" ads. Both have basic themes about people using vehicles through their lives. Retorts Ford corp. ad dir. David Ropes: "Maybe our strategies are similar, but I don't think so. The executions won't be the same."

Nissan bowls . . . Futurist

Nissan will be back on January's Super Bowl, a return engagement for the luxury carmaker's "Enjoy the ride" campaign. . . . Signpost on the information superhighway? On a road about 10 miles north of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, motorists encounter a sign that reads, "Welcome to San Anselmo" . . . The job title of the week goes to Josanne Pearsall, newly named director of future marketing at Nabisco. While colleagues sweat out next month's Oreos promo, Pearsall has all of eternity to finesse her job.

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Mercedes M. Cardona, Jean Halliday, Jim Henry, Laura Petrecca and Chuck Ross.

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