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Toshiba, Poppe need to relate

Poppe Tyson lost Toshiba's PR account, but will it hold onto the $30 million computer ad account? Toshiba VP-General Mgr. Tom Scott, who had a close relationship with the agency, left a week ago to pursue other interests. Mktg. comm. chief Rene Ward, who has made her concerns perfectly clear (AA, March 31), says Toshiba is not looking to review. But Poppe is under pressure to perform. "Everybody understands that the relationship needs to be strengthened to make it a long-term, permanent relationship," says Ward. "I'm not making any bones about it: There's a relationship that needs to be mended. We're working on that."

Jeff and Rich pick up an Andy

Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein are back together. Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein reconciled over drinks with former partner Andy Berlin before last week's Clios. But rapprochement caused the trio to arrive at the Clios 10 minutes after show time. Jeff and Rich were distressed to learn they'd missed the call to pick up their first award. They were able to accept the rest of their steamer trunk of statuettes. Asked later where he'd been before the show, Berlin smirked and said he'd just been having drinks with friends. While Goodby & Berlin had stayed in touch, Berlin & Silverstein had been on the outs for years.

Just think of the possibilities

Hewlett-Packard and Landor created a new umbrella theme for HP consumer ads (AA, Feb. 10): "Expanding possibilities." But when you hire Landor, you get more than the standard line; the consultants also concocted a sort of "orange lozenge" logo to run with the new tag. The treatment could start appearing in ads later this year.

A Motley shade of blue

What do you get when you cross a washed-up '80s rock band with a novelty beverage marketer? Motley Brue, endorsed by Motley Crue and produced by Skeleteens. The soft drink's USP: It turns your mouth and, uh, excrement blue. The drink plugs the band's upcoming attempt at a comeback album, "Generation Swine." Are drink and album name a not-so-subtle swipe at Pepsi, whose latest tag is "Generation Next"? No comment last week.

Only Gapple . . *. Jerry kids

"Only Apple" is the theme for the computer maker's latest campaign from BBDO. Nice theme . . . but rather like the "Only Gap" campaign that Gap's in-house creatives launched late last year. . . . Clever feature on Thomson's upcoming RCA Internet add-on for TVs: A "message light" prompts you to turn on the gizmo to retrieve new e-mail. . . . Jerry Della Femina's East Hampton manse will appear in an upcoming flick, "Definite Maybe." The irrepressible one speaks a few lines in the role of "an obnoxious rich guy." Says Jerry: "Not exactly a stretch for me."M

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