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Bob Kuperman is in a pickle

TBWA Chiat/Day's Nissan spot shows a man and woman each picking up a jar of Kuperman's Baby Gherkins. And its Infiniti spot shows one R.W. Kuperman being served with divorce papers. What's agency prez Bob Kuperman's wife, Ellen, think of the latter spot? "I haven't spoken to her about it," Bob says. "That's an interesting question." For the record, Bob doesn't especially like pickles. But he loves Ellen.

In the spirit of Clara Peller

Clarence is revered as the grumbling old geezer in M&M/Mars' Snickers advertising from BBDO (see Special Report on The Best Awards, after Page 32), and he reprises the role in GSD&M's campaign for Southwest Airlines. The airline even borrows Clarence's epithet: "Great googily moogily." Think of the synergy: Snickers and SW's dining specialty, peanuts. Mars says it has no problem with Clarence's two-timing, explaining its contract only bars him from pitching rival snack foods.

Quick, to the Batphone, Joel!

Joel Schumacher, director of Warner Bros.' "Batman & Robin," told a Promo Mktg. Assoc. conference that while recently cruising L.A.'s (and O.J.'s) Brentwood, he spotted a youth ransacking a bus shelter for a Batposter featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the villainous "Mr. Freeze." Schumacher immediately rang up Arnold, who instructed: "Tell the media." Reports of Batposter theft have always provided good PR pop for Batflicks. Schumacher says posters for the fourth installment, opening June 20, are being purloined twice as fast as the last movie's rash of poster pinching. Which suggests Warner publicists are working late hours.

Star search for media rex

Looks like a major media shop is back to square one in its quest for a high-profile CEO. A big name non-East Coast media guru was set to take the $500,000-a-year post but recently changed his mind. Another candidate bowled everyone over by taking a job last week at a rival agency. A headhunter is dangling the job in front of virtually every top media exec around, with the carrots being big salary plus likelihood the shop will go public in 18 to 24 months. Send Adages your resumes, and we'll pass them along.

No contest . . . Escort service

Too many ad contests? "One Show" emcee Jon Stewart last week welcomed guests to "The One Show This Week" and promised everyone "a complimentary Clio." . . . NY ad consultant Don Gilbert denies a report he's sent questionnaires to agencies for an unidentified car account. "Nobody believes me," he complains. . . . JWT talked to Dazai Advertising about buying the Silicon Valley ad agency but couldn't come to a deal. . . . Noah's Bagels' $4 million account made an arc from Kalis & Savage, L.A., to Goldberg Moser O'Neill, S.F., which already had sister brand Einstein. . . . Bride's June/July issue has its first car ad, for Ford Escort, with Chevy Cavalier following in Aug./Sept. Should a bride bring an Escort to her wedding?

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Judann Pollack, Mercedes M. Cardona, Alice Z. Cuneo, Jean Halliday, Jeff Jensen, Chuck Ross and Michael Wilke.

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