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Hey, it's Sammy 'The Bull' Stradivarius!

Proving that the recycling phenomenon has moved way beyond newspapers and cans, a comical new 13-spot campaign for Grow Biz International's network of "used" stores may even signal "the front end of a trend in which everyone becomes more financially efficient," says Lyle Wedemeyer, creative director at Martin/Williams in Minneapolis.

Above all, Wedemeyer hopes to send consumers the message that Grow Biz's many franchises, which separately sell computer and sports equipment, kids clothing and CDs, "are all interested in buying used stuff." For example, one commercial

for Play it Again, Sports has a guy squeeze his compact car into a garage overflowing with junk and then crawl out through the hatchback. Another for Disc Go Round shows a mobster walking into a music store toting a violin case. "Give me some money," he demands of the terrified cashier as he pulls a violin from its case. "My kid sucks at this." And in a third spot for Once Upon a Child, a woman holds up two toddler dresses and asks sarcastically, "Which would you rather have your little angel refuse to wear?"

The campaign was directed by Chuck Statler of Jigsaw Pictures and Eric Goldstein of Giraffe Films, bothMinneapolis. Other credits to writer Tom Kelly and ADs Mark Haummerson, Jim Henderson and Wayne Thompson.

Advertising Age, HotWired and Organic Online have teamed up to launch AdMarket, which will provide marketing, media, advertising and public relations content on the World Wide Web. In addition, Ad Age has simultaneously announced the development of its own Web site (the URL is produced by Organic Online. The site, which will eventually include material from the pages of Creativity, made its debut May 1.

AdMarket ( will develop customized Web sites and store them on its servers. A typical AdMarket site might incorporate a portfolio of an agency's work, including digitized TV and radio commercials, corporate profiles and contact information. For companies with existing Web sites, AdMarket will serve as a directo-ry, providing hypertext links to their home pages.

The first companies to sign on for site development are Leo Burnett, Chicago; Hal Riney & Partners/San Francisco; Rubin Postaer & Associates, Santa Monica, Calif.; and the Advertising Council. Agencies with existing Web sites linked to AdMarket include Modem Media, Westport, Conn.; Merkely Newman Harty, New York;

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