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Re the enormous ratings success of ABC's new "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" show: remember when American television created programming the Brits picked up?

The U.S. Open is a great tennis event. The slapstick commercials promoting it are awful.

At Vibe there's a new exec editor, Carter Harris.

Re gains made by Esquire, it may be pertinent to note that while the September issue totals 216 pages, rival GQ had 448 total pages.

Harper's Bazaar hired back as beauty director Christine Lennon Shea who'd gone in January to Vogue after a stint at Teen People. All clear?

Ladies' Home Journal Publisher Michael Brownstein tells me he's just had "Baby No. 3" (his wife helped, I assume). While he was at the delivery room his mag closed a big October issue, up 23 ad pages to 164. With assistance from Myrna Blyth, I also assume.

Cosmo topped an average two million copies sold at newsstands during the first half, first time in six years.

New ad director at Teen (Petersen) is the well-named Beth Press.

Longtime WABC-TV newswoman Judy Licht is doing celeb interviews on a new weekly show called "Buzz" over the MetroGuide cable channel seen in Manhattan, the Hamptons and other choice parishes. In real life Judy's married to ad guy Jerry Della Femina.

New marketing & PR account for Maury Rogoff PR on Fifth Ave. is College Television Network and its Link magazine.

Do any of these hackers, when they get caught, ever do time? If not, why not? It's electronic vandalism, isn't it?

Parade promoted Tom Keane to N.Y. sales manager.

Esquire's Valerie Salembier is preening about their biggest ad page issue in seven years.

Publisher Amy Wilkins says Biography will up the rate base to half a million next month. It's the slick monthly spinoff from A&E.

Robert Daley, the N.Y. journalist who lives mostly in France (clever chap!), has a new novel out this month from Villard, "The Innocents Within." The WWII-French underground yarn is getting swell advance reviews.

Time Publisher Ed McCarrick reports they're polling the ad community with thousands of "who's the person of the century?" ballots. You could win a prize for the best 50-word rationale but Managing Editor Walter Isaacson will be making the call, not you. Meanwhile, through July, ad pages are up to 1,579 this year, just over 10% more than last year's comparable period.

CondeNet, the four-year old Conde Nast sibling, created the post of general manager and named Goli Sheikholeslami to fill it. No, I can't pronounce it, but she's a lovely, very competent person.

Whitlow Wyatt died. I suppose next thing they'll be telling me is Luke "Hot

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