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Tora! Tora! Tora! That All-American outfit Suzuki Motors is the new sponsor of the Heisman Trophy.

Tend to become disillusioned when even a New York Times book review can't get history straight? Reviewer Richard Bernstein writes re: a just-published reminiscence of wartime Italy: "It is 1943; Mussolini has been killed, and the Germans have occupied Italy and begun to round up Jews. . ." Mussolini wasn't killed until two years later in 1945. When you can't get it right about Il Duce, what are you doing reviewing books?

Children's Television Workshop (they publish five mags including Sesame Street Parents) named a group publisher for the first time. She's Deborah Kenny, formerly at Time Inc.

Bob Lauterborn, prof of advertising at Chapel Hill, recently honored for lifetime achievements by the Business Marketing Association in Chicago, writes to say, "Hey! -- as I've learned to say in the South."

CFM Direct, the Chicago agency, hired Ken Geis to develop new biz for its East Coast office at King of Prussia, Pa.

Carolyn Bekkedahl's Shape (Weider) is enjoying a good summer with ad pages 15% ahead of the same period last year and with Halle Berry on the September cover.

Looking for more auto ads, Coastal Living hired Tom Allen as Detroit sales manager.

Country Living's Healthy Living (Hearst has got to do something about these titles!) named Kathryn Keller exec editor.

Adelphi U. trustees Chairman Steven L. Isenberg was named interim prez of the Garden City, NY school. Steve's former publisher of Newsday. He's ruled himself out for the permanent Adelphi job and is heading the search. Good man.

All those wealthy (well, most of us) former Cap Cities executives hold their biennial reunion Nov. 10-11 in Absecon, N.J., Phil Beuth informs me. Golf, eats, tall stories. Former Chairman Tom Murphy and Prez Dan Burke already confirmed. Warren Buffett made the last get-together. This time? If we're lucky.

CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes in there punching for funds for The National Hemophilia Foundation. He recently joined their board and reports new gene therapy research holds out some promise for a cure.

Cruising World, a Miller mag, celebrates 25 years of smooth sailing with its October issue.

Can we trust anyone? American Heritage reports the "famous" Lincoln letter of condolence to Mrs. Bixby of Boston who "lost" five sons in the Civil War and is used to open Spielberg's wonderful, "Saving Private Ryan," "probably wasn't written by President Lincoln," and Mrs. Bixby, "who ran a whorehouse," lost two sons. Two others deserted. So says Michael Burlingame in AH.

Friends of Elizabeth Forsling Harris will memorialize her Sept. 15 at the Frank Campbell Funeral Home on Madison Avenue. Betty Harris began her career at

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