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Earth to Bonnie Fuller: Congratulations. You've now ticked off two of the most powerful magazine publishers in the world.

"Resist fiercely, Harvard! Deny them the ball!" Feisty as if they were battling the mighty Eli, the every-other-month Harvard Business Review exultantly reports its best advertising first half ever, with pages up 29% over the period a year ago (250 pages to 200).

A letter from Publisher Deborah DuCharme seems to suggest they're simplifying the unwieldy title at Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, with Mary's name reduced in type size and the "home companion" part played up. Is this so?

NY PR exec Keith Sherman signed humor mag The Onion. Pals tell me Onion wit is even funnier than some of my stuff.

The title's name, Stephen Roche reminds me, is Power & Motoryacht, not "Motorboat" as I had it. But at least he's not having me keelhauled.

Albuquerque agency Rick Johnson promoted Media Director Martha England and Account Supervisor Christie Eaves Waszak to VP.

Arnie Palmer turns 70 Sept. 10. Turnstile Publishing, Orlando, will publish commemorative issues of each of its four golfing books. Given the man's "army," I would assume they won't be alone.

Good Housekeeping, itself 114 years old, informs us its readership is getting younger, MRI figures showing the GH reader is now 45.8 instead of 46.4.

At FamilyPC the rate base goes up in June by 22%, 400,000 to 500,000.

On June 7 Civilization hosts an evening at the U.N. with Kofi Annan (their guest editor) and Lesley Stahl of "60 Minutes."

Steve Levitt promoted to publisher of Movieline in N.Y.

New ad whizzes at InStyle: Loren Black, Lisa Jorda, and Judi Stoloff.

Men's Journal has a new national sales manager, David Kupiec, and retail and fashion director, Eleanor Martino.

Wow! Teen People first half ad pages up 44% and the new rate base is 1.3 million.

Ave atque vale to departing House Beautiful Publisher Cindy Sperling (her ad pages are up year to date) and welcome aboard, David Arnold. He's been at Town & Country.

Record first half for American Health, up 22% in ad pages over the '98 period, says Margery Gladstone.

Never too early to launch a presidential campaign or the coverage thereof: U.S.News hired top Chicago Trib political writer Roger Simon to team with Kenneth T. Walsh as lead reporters for the upcoming campaign.M

Mr. Brady's latest novel, "The House That Ate the Hamptons," will be published tomorrow by St. Martin's Press. Says Brady, "It's an amusing trifle which may

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