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What a truly noble people they are, those Kuwaitis. We go to war to liberate them; they tell us to get lost when it comes to this latest Iraqi nonsense.

Parasite time at "CBS This Morning": Eleanor Mondale goes toy shopping with Kato Kaelin. Ms. Mondale's daddy brought her up to have more taste than that and CBS ought to be just plain embarrassed.

Just received from London the December issue of Tatler and there's someone other than Spice Girls on the cover.

Sports Afield promoted Jeanne Fico to marketing director.

Rick Morrison informs me from Fort Worth that the Nov. 15 issue of the American Airlines in-flight mag, American Way, is their biggest ever. Since it publishes twice monthly, both November issues combined carried 452 total pages. Says Rick, "Yes, in-flights do work."

Top N.Y. PR woman Maury Rogoff reports her newest clients include Toys 'R' Us, Luxe, Mode, Dana Buchman Eyewear and a GM project.

Let's hear it for those 93 ad agencies in five cities that collected 40 tons of clothing for Volunteers of America during the 7th annual Conde Nast Clothing Collective. Shops in N.Y., Detroit, Chicago, L.A. and San Francisco participated.

I love Ellen DeGeneres and admire Ms. Heche but why do they feel compelled to make out at media events (such as the George party)?

Good Housekeeping boosted Sean Sullivan to marketing director.

Robbin (yes, with two b's) Tick Herzberg is the new beauty director for Us.

Cathy Calhoun was promoted to chief operating officer of Bozell PR, Chicago.

L.A. PR man Lee Solters, ever faithful to Sinatra, is sending out releases about misspellings in that recent New Yorker less than rah-rah piece.

Patrick Henry Creative Promotions, Stafford, Texas, added to its client list Total Entertainment Restaurant Corp. It runs the Fox & Hound and Bailey's restaurants in the South and Southwest.

New VP for Parade: Liz Manigan, promotion director-newspaper relations.

Doesn't Marv Albert have anyone sensible enough and close to him to suggest Marv do the classy thing and stop with all the talk shows and just put a sock in it?

American Heritage (Forbes) promoted Elizabeth McCullough to marketing director. While Forbes FYI, the 7-year-old spinoff quarterly, named Sherry Phillips ad director.

Ilyssa Somer joined the sales force at Upside, selling for both the magazine and its Web site.

Premiere, the movie mag that's looking better these days and running good editorial stuff, has a new ad director, promoting Tim O'Connor to the job.

Spin, under its new management, will boost the rate base from half a million to 525,000 in January.

Ron Tindiglia died of cancer. Only 51, he headed news operations at major stations in Philadelphia, N.Y. and L.A. And did it with integrity and style.

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