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Things to do before you're dead? That's a lot of pressure. New York is rife with things to do. So at first I was going to tell you about this swanky, old speakeasyish place down in the Village called Chumley's. It's on the corner of Barrow and Bedford. There aren't any signs and you won't find it unless someone takes you. It's kind of an "insider" New Yorker gig. But I got to thinking: if this is a story about things to do in New York before you're dead, maybe I should be talking about stuff people do who are a little closer to death. After all, who better to show you a good time than folks without a whole lot of it left? Which brings me to The Court House Restaurant, a quaint little number located in Kew Gardens, Queens. I had lunch there with my 93-year-old grandfather, who goes there every Sunday with his buddies (ages 88, 91 and 95). This place has class. From the radiant blue hues glistening from the hair of the hundred or so patrons to the muffled shoosh of orthopedic shoes shuffling across maroon indoor-outdoor carpeting, it began to grow on me (like long, white back hair). The coughing, hacking and wheezing added a subtle yet distinctive ambiance. I even enjoyed the warm sunlight in my eyes, as it was three in the afternoon. Of course I was with my grandfather, so, to me The Court House really was the best place in New York. Chumley's was great too, but I probably won't be going back till I'm, oh, about 93 or so.
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