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Client: IBM

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/New York

Director: Leslie Dektor, Dektor/Higgins

I can just see the same old boring strategy: "Show IBM as a global player creating a path to the future with many wonderful products and services .... etc." Most of us have looked down the loaded barrel of that one before.

Well, the agency did a great job turning that strategy into fresh, informative, entertaining advertising. IBM comes out looking like a big global player without seeming too intimidating.

Client: Chivas Regal Agency: TBWA/London

This ad is very effective at selling Chivas Regal. When I compared this to the great things done in the past, I wanted to drink a whole bottle and cry.

Client: Duracell Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/New York

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld, BFCS

This campaign starring the Puttermans makes the same mistake as many special effects-driven movies. Show cool effects and hope that people will like them.

These spots are completely empty: they're not funny, they're oddly paced and the heroes are kind of ghoulish. There's nothing underneath it all. The effects, by the way, are pretty cool.

David Baldwin

Creative DirectorLeonard/Monahan, Providence

Client: Stolichnaya

Agency: MargeotesFertitta Donaher & Weiss

What a waste of ad dollars. People don't buy products, they buy brands. And running an ad that says virtually nothing and sports only a product shot falls far short of brand building. If only our jobs were that easy.

Client: Thom McAn

Agency: Mad Dogs & Englishmen

You have to commend a company savvy enough to realize they had a product line in need of renovation-and then went ahead and actually did something about it. The idea for the campaign is bigger than the ads themselves.

Client: Wrangler Agency: The Martin Agency

Director: Thom Higgins, Dektor/HigginsThe theme is "Real. Comfortable. Jeans." And these are real, predictable commercials. I guess these spots are perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong with them. They're nice and quiet. But they really don't move the ball forward. I don't know why anyone would pay any attention to

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