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Andrew Swinand, 36, is senior VP-general manager of Publicis Groupe's Starcom Worldwide, Chicago. There he oversees all the agency's print buying, as well as the marketing of three global technology brands and six other U.S. accounts.

"[Radio frequency identification] technology is incredibly inexpensive, and it's incredibly interesting, from an accountability standpoint, for publications to do some distribution of magazines with [RFID] tags. You could create a Nielsen panel of RFID homes to, basically, get a true picture of readership. It would tell the true time spent with magazines, and how often it's read. In the rest of the media world, technology is enabling finer metrics of accountability. If print doesn't embrace new forms, it will be left in the dust.

"The next big ad category is going to be consumer package-goods. Package-goods companies still spend the bulk of their dollars in TV. The analogy I draw is the old adage about how 50% of my advertising doesn't work-I just don't know which 50%. But we've done research with TiVo-77% of households are skipping 100% of the commercials. Look at the amount of dollars in TV. There's about $6 billion in ads that are being wasted. At some point, marketers say, `Find me something else that works.' And I think it's print and online. It's not new ad dollars. It's a readjustment to the media mix."

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