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"As a retailer, we get concerned when we see a lot of pass-along readers outside of the home. A retailer has to be time-sensitive in terms of offers we're putting out there. By the time [a magazine is] passed through the doctor's office to the eighth [or] 15th reader, it's probably not as valuable.

"We aren't trying to limit publications' ability to market themselves. We're not saying they shouldn't come up with unique marketing programs that can grow circulation. It's how you qualify that in terms of paid circulation and how is that reported. [It's] critical that what they do that might be non-traditional is reflected correctly and accurately and understood: Paid at what price?

"Ideally, it's about more than just circulation. It's about audience. And I think one of the issues, frankly, with magazine audience measurements is, unlike TV, it doesn't have a passive technology to measure it. It's a survey. And one of the concerns I have is that oftentimes when the survey is conducted is not when [respondents] are consuming the medium. As far as what the [measurement] device is, that's for the industry to figure out. There's a lot of new technology out there."

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