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It was almost four years ago that Janey Lopaty began placing the calls that would jettison a little sweatsuit brand called Juicy Couture into the big time. Her line? "I'm Janey from Juicy, and I would love to send you some clothes."

Hired by co-owners Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Taylor to get some clothes on celebrities, the 38-year-old former fashion designer and stylist began boldly wooing personal assistants and stylists to the stars, armed with the clients' personal styles and sizes. Cameron Diaz "likes blues and is a small, a 27-inch jean," Ms. Lopaty says before halting a potential litany of celeb sizes for fear of jeopardizing what have become prized personal relationships. "I work one on one with people, and it's a very trusting relationship."

Juicy's PR director has been able to spark thousands of paparazzi shots and editorial mentions for Juicy Couture . She enthuses: "It's knock-on-wood amazing! You can send stuff and have it never be seen since people get boxes of clothes a week. But if you create relationships with people, they're thankful for what you've done."

A recent decision to send Jennifer Lopez Juicy's new purse (which she carried the next day) sparked 200 calls to Saks Fifth Avenue and resulted in the purse being sold out even before it hit stores.

The ubiquity of the sweatsuit brand attracted Liz Claiborne, which in 2003 purchased what was then a $47 million brand.

Ms. Lopaty has grown her one-woman enterprise to a six-person team handling its own accounts with movies and TV shows. Advertising has been virtually absent, barring a recent in-house produced "Viva la Juicy" billboard on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Regardless, Janey from Juicy will still be on the lookout for the latest item that Britney will positively adore.

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