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In spite of or maybe because of his previous experience as an ad agency creative, Andy Spade puts little stock in what he calls "marketing that's made up." The 42-year-old CEO and creative director of fast-growing accessories cum lifestyle brand Kate Spade instead credits the nearly doubling of sales over the last year to the creation of "a lot of little things" that speak to a real-life world consumers are clearly clamoring to enter: his.

Last year, the company's 10-year anniversary campaign featured a fashionable real-life party Mr. Spade and wife Kate threw, documented by a writer and photographer on the scene. Earlier this year, Kate Spade partnered with Simon & Schuster for the launch of a book series penned by Ms. Spade offering her tips on style, occasions and manners.

Recently, the Spades commissioned pop British band Beaumont to develop a Kate Spade CD (based on the brand's aesthetic, Mr. Spade says) that is sold in their stores and with the book series.

The CD cover features the flowered wallpaper from the Spades' own Hamptons home. Beaumont will go on the road this fall to store openings, where Kate Spade will also debut a mini-movie "Moving in on Sunday," a version of its new ad campaign based on the play "Escape to Switzerland."

For the launch of its tabletop and bedding collection, the Spades made a big PR push, hosting a party for editors in their home that sparked a number of feature stories. The responase to those stories helped fuel the fervor of wanna-be couples, 13,000 of whom have registered for the Kate Spade Wedding collection in Federated Stores alone.

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