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Mark Hall is a sort of Dr. Frankenstein, and his creation's growth is accelerating.

It's called Monster, but think gargantuan, not ghoulish. With sales volume up 171% year-to-date, Mr. Hall's energy drink in the oversized can with the glowing green clawed M logo is giving rivals like Red Bull and Rockstar something to fear.

Mr. Hall is senior VP of Hansen Natural Corp., although his business card reads "Monster Man." "I'm not a business person," he says, noting that he studied chemistry in college. Still, he's the mastermind who dreamed up the extreme answer to Red Bull. Monster favors the scrappy underdog image and regularly subverts rivals' efforts. In-house produced marketing includes posters, limited print ads and PR stunts like a tricked-our hearse that visits events. His formula? "In most fights, the guy who quits first loses and we're not quitters," he says. "We've been doing this as long as anyone-and we're never going to quit. You can respect your competition but don't fear them."

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