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marketing services agencies, defined in this issue as shops with returns from the disciplines of sales promotion, direct marketing and interactive, are divided into five rankings in this report. The lengthier ranking, covering 100 agencies, is by total U.S. revenue from marketing services operations of independent agencies. Three rankings, all top 50s, sort by discipline the agencies in the top 100. The fifth ranking is by U.S. revenue from marketing services returns of top marketing organizations: Omnicom Group, WPP Group, Interpublic Group of Cos., Publicis Groupe, Havas and Grey Global Group. These returns are estimated by Advertising Age.

This fifth ranking is a by-product of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation that has led publicly held marketing organizations to stop supplying returns on individual agencies. The legislation tightens rules of disclosure. Using trend data and public statements by these companies concerning their marketing services operations, Ad Age has estimated their composite marketing services returns without isolating revenue from any particular marketing services agency in their holding companies.

Revenue for independent agencies in this report was gleaned from an Ad Age questionnaire filled out by the agencies. Estimates are marked with an asterisk.

In the Top 100 marketing services agencies chart, beginning on Page S-2, agencies with at least 75% of total returns generated by the three marketing services components are shown at 100% of their returns.

The rankings on Page S-6 of the three marketing services' disciplines-direct marketing, sales promotion and interactive-are by actual returns from those disciplines without regard to the "75% rule."

Staff for this report:

R. Craig Endicott, Kevin Brown, Scott MacDonald, Mark Schumann, Jennie Sierra, Andrew Green, Gregg MacArthur, Luke Matheny, Mike Ryan and Kenneth Wylie.

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