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Heineken USA: "Gritos"

Agency: Vidal Partnership, New York

Category: Alcoholic Beverages

Vidal continues last year's Best of Show-winning campaign "Translations" with another take on the common language that divides Hispanics. This time, the variation goes beyond-into the very soul of Mexican-ness. A guest arriving at a party greets his host with a series of mariachi cries that the host duly responds to, while an announcer translates the exchange into Standard Anchorman Spanish.

Volkswagen of America: "Sportscaster Driver"

Agency: Creative on Demand, Coral Gables, Fla.

Category: Automotive

This spot mixes man's two favorite interests, driving cars and watching sports, with the Hispanic futbol fever that was sparked by last year's soccer World Cup. In the spot, which plays off the English-language "Drivers wanted" campaign, a driver announces his car's many features in his best soccer announcer voice, down to the climactic goal announcement. The voice casting manages to make all that car boilerplate exciting.

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