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American Red Cross: "T-shirt/Short Sleeve"

Agency: Grupo Gallegos, Long Beach, Calif.

To recruit younger donors and thank those who gave blood, the American Red Cross turned donors into walking billboards by handing out "Give Blood" T-shirts with one sleeve slashed off. Inventive. Inexpensive.

Nordstrom campaign: "Espejos," "Agua," "Enfermeras," "Gimnasios"

Agency: La Comunidad, Miami Beach, Fla.

In opening a new Miami store, Nordstrom had the challenge of marketing to a heavily Hispanic community unfamiliar with the brand. La Comunidad took to the streets-and beaches and sidewalk cafes-with the theme "Shopping humanized." People handed overheated sunbathers icy water in bottles labeled "We're good at knowing what you want. Nordstrom." More than 40 mirrors appeared on busy streets with the sign: "You are looking at the kind of people we welcome in our store."

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