Gold Winners/Television

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Heineken USA: "Macarena"

Agency: Vidal Partnership, New York

Category: Alcoholic Beverages

Just when you thought it was safe to line-dance again, Vidal rediscovers the roots of the Macarena. It appears a young slacker, recently arrived to a house party, could not find a bottle opener to pop a Heineken, and the motions of his search inspired a dance craze. The concept is inspired, the execution dead-on.

Volkswagen of America: "Hop In"

Agency: Creative on Demand, Coral Gables, Fla.

Category: Automotive

Creative on Demand knows how to illustrate the product features of El New Beetle Convertible from Volkswagen. A Beetle driver stops to pick up his friend, who suddenly plops into the passenger seat after apparently leaping out of the window on the top floor of his apartment building. The feature: keyless entry.

New York International Latino Film Festival: "Credits"

Agency: La Finca Creativa, New York

Category: Entertainment/Media

The spot starts as a movie ends and the closing credits roll. These are the parts played by actors with Latino names: pregnant teen, drunken bum, carjacker, cartel thug and machete mugger. The all-too-clear negative stereotyping is hammered home by the tagline: "Are you content with the role of Latinos in film?"

McDonald's Corp.: "Dishwasher"

Agency: Del Rivero Messianu DDB, Coral Gables, Fla.

Category: Retail/Fast-food

Like last year's "Man to Man" Gold winner, this warm-fuzzy vignette featuring fathers and sons avoids cloying sentiment with mild humor. This time, two kids busy themselves dirtying every dish in the kitchen before dad walks in the door. Confronted with the overflowing dishwasher, he suggests McDonald's.

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