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Cingular Wireless: "Mini-minutes"

Agency: Vidal Partnership, New York

Category: Technology/Communications

It's not enough to say that if Cingular subscribers don't use all their minutes, they carry over. Vidal's spot reveals there are actually hundreds of tiny men in orange suits inside each cell phone, waiting to be beamed up "Star Trek"-style if not used.

Toyota Motor Sales USA's Toyota Echo campaign: "Atraccion"

Agency: Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Category: Automotive

The irresistibility of the Toyota Echo is felt by groups as diverse as dogs ("Perrito"), plastic frogs ("Rana") and meter maids ("Infracciones"). A family dog kidnaps the plastic pooch that perches in the car and takes its place to get a ride. A little boy detaches a toy frog fastened to the car, but it leaps back.

Toyota Motor Sales USA's Toyota Sienna: "Family Research"

Agency: Conill, Torrance, Calif.

Category: Automotive

Toyota uses a family's needs to design a car, experimenting with furniture, closet space and even the baby to see what goes where.

California Lottery/Super Lotto: "My Car"

Agency: Casanova Pendrill, Irvine, Calif.

Category: Entertainment/Media

Lottery ticket buyers are advised to dream ("Ponte a sonar") and this one does, stepping out of the convenience store and trying to open the door of the much more expensive car parked next to his own.

Coca-Cola Co.'s Coca-Cola Classic: "Back-ups"

Agency: Lapiz, Chicago

Category: Grocery/Toiletries/Beauty Aids

Coke ties into World Cup fever with this spoof of sports documentaries. A weekend soccer game, narrated as an Olympic endeavor, features an underdog team- including a mystery star player nicknamed Don't Know-that carries the day by a fluke.

Alzheimer's Association: "Feliz Cumpleanos"

Agency: Wing Latino Group, Los Angeles

Category: Public Service/Government

PSAs often cross the line into pathos. Not this spot. It has a simple setup-a single take of a man trying to remember the words to "Happy Birthday"-and the message gets through.

SABMiller's Miller Brewing Co. for Miller Lite: "Tuna"

Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, Texas

Category: Alcoholic Beverages

It's the single guy's biggest nightmare, being left to baby-sit girlfriend's kitty. But it segues into a bigger nightmare, when some superannuated tuna turns Fluffy into Dr. Evil's pet. Besides the well-timed laughs, the casting-down to the furless feline- is priceless. And it's all perfectly on target to the beer-drinking young dude demographic.

Wendy's International: "English Class"

Agency: Vidal Partnership, New York

Category: Retail/Fast-food

The vagaries of the English language are a perennial source of humor among U.S. Hispanics, so a spoof of dirt-cheap language courses seems like a natural to promote a fast-feeder's bargain menu. But there was enough cleverness in the writing and the spot's take on "you get what you pay for" to impress the judges.

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