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Media Maven Claudia Cahill Brings Together Content Partners

OMD's Chief Content Officer Creates 'Final Front' Event

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Content may be the latest rage in media but Claudia Cahill, chief content officer at OMD and founder of Content Collective, a separate group that serves Omnicom media agencies, is no fly-by-night operation. She's spent 25 years in the business, spearheading a string of high-profile content integrations, most notably for Pepsi, including the beverage giant's partnership with "X Factor" and custom programs for its "Live for now" campaign with MTV and ABC.

Claudia Cahill
Claudia Cahill

And she's far from running low on ideas. Her latest? Transforming how content is created and bought through an event that brings together clients and content providers such as networks, digital platforms and producers. Called The Final Front: The Idea Auction, the daylong event Sept. 10 encouraged marketers to commit to content investments.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which magazines would you want most?
Am I stranded on vacation or in a dire situation? Because this would probably impact my decision. If it were a vacation-stranded, I would choose Vanity Fair, Wired and People. And if I were desperately stranded, it would probably be Popular Science to help me figure out how to get off of the island.

Describe your daily media consumption.
A bit of a mish-mash starting with music from a playlist to suit my mood, quick check of my multiple emails, news headlines from CNN, The New York Times and Ad Age. And a little down and dirty Hollywood fodder from Deadline.

Which TV shows, if any, do you tweet?
If I were going to tweet on a TV show, it would more than likely be a live show or event for which the potential of spontaneous trainwrecks are high. One that comes to mind recently would be the VMA's (what was she thinking?). But really, not sure who cares much about my opinion -- other than being able to throw it out into the universe for the sake of posterity.

If you could only watch one cable or broadcast network for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Did someone disconnect my cable or is this another blackout? I would probably need to find another way to be entertained, too, but maybe Discovery for Shark Week.

If you weren't doing this job, what would you be doing?
I would want to be a female version of Richard Branson and have his job, if you call that a job.

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