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Mark Holden Rethinks Planning, Idea Generation at PHD

Media Maven Strategy Pays Off With New Planning Assignments

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Soon after becoming PHD's worldwide strategy and planning director in 2010, Mark Holden set the wheels in motion for a planning tool that would streamline and automate the firm's back-end research and planning processes. He also encouraged creativity by asking employees around the world to publish their ideas for individual accounts in the system. Like a game, the system offers points for engagement.

Mark Holden
Mark Holden

After Mr. Holden's vision came to life in 2012, the shop immediately started bringing in large global planning assignments from companies like Unilever and using it for existing clients. More recently, the company added GSK global planning duties after retaining its existing business.

What is your guilty-pleasure TV show, old-school sitcom or magazine?
I spent the last three months indulging in the entire "West Wing" series -- it is almost the only thing we are watching. My wife and I have found ourselves starting to converse in quick Sorkin-esque prose while walking around the house together.

Who is your favorite follow on Twitter?
Alain de Botton -- a modern-day philosopher. He could probably charge for the quality of his tweets.

Describe your daily media consumption.
Apps before breakfast (Twitter, Facebook, BBC and The Guardian); online during the day (BBC); outdoor and print in the evening (subway/London Underground, Evening Standard); occasional TV at night (news, anything HBO); and apps before bed (Twitter, Facebook, BBC and The Guardian).

If you weren't doing this job, what would you be doing?
Quantum physicist.

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