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Erik Huggers Is on Leading Edge of Intel's Drive Into TV

Chip Maker's Move Could Open New Possibilities for Ad Models

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The TV business remains stuck in the past, which is why Silicon Valley has long salivated at the idea of reinventing it. But wouldn't it be ironic if the company to finally crack the code wasn't Google, Apple, Samsung or Sony but the decidedly less-glamorous Intel?

Erik Huggers
Erik Huggers

That's entirely possible, due largely to the efforts over the past two years of 40-year-old former BBC exec Erik Huggers, who launched Intel Media to transform the chip maker into a consumer-products company. Mr. Huggers is doing this not by trying to destroy the pay-TV model, but by negotiating deals with distributors and hiring some of the best user-experience talent in the Valley.

Intel's TV box -- rumored to be called OnCue -- will make its debut this fall if all goes to plan and it can surmount the efforts of the cable and satellite guys to keep it at bay. For consumers it means another, possibly better, option for pay TV. For the industry it brings the promise of new thinking and new ad models. A net win coming from an unlikely corner of the tech world.

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