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'24' Scene Extenders

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Sprint network mobile phones

Twentieth Century Fox found a way to squeeze a few more minutes out of every day -- and out of each 60-minute episode of "24." The Fox series, which portrays the adventures of counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer, got a digital ad-on this year, "24 Scene Extenders," which extended one of three plotlines a few more minutes for Sprint phone subscribers. Naturally, Sprint sponsored the clips, also known as "more24," which were shot for all seven episodes of the final and eighth season of the series.

The key here is that the content was exclusive to the phone and shot with the small-screen in mind. Also, rather than self-contained promo material or a so-called mobisode, the point was to add value to the TV experience and to reward loyal, obsessed "24" fans with more of the plot they'd been enjoying on TV. Now that Jack Bauer is in retirement, there are no more scenes to extend, but expect others to give this a try to keep viewers active and engaged.

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