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Fitness Express App

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Available on iTunes

Anyone who's engaged in the epic struggle to get to the gym in the morning or simply failed to find a hole in their planners big enough to bury some calories knows that convenience is key for maintaining any fitness plan. So it's hardly surprising that Fitness magazine's $1.99 Express Workouts iPhone app has found an audience with its selection of easy, 15-minute workout routines designed for women on the go. Pick between abs, arms, butt or thighs -- or everything all at once -- and instructions, complete with demonstration pictures and videos, guide you through each of the dozen workouts available. The app allows users to track their progress in a centralized log afterward and, for those requiring real motivation, share the results of Booty Camp or Instant Sexy Arms workouts with others.

This paid app doesn't just repackage magazine content in a form that's more practical than print or a website, it's also a standout because it ushers new users into the brand with something of obvious value.

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