Best Integration of Video, Editorial and Experiential

The Creators Project

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A seemingly unlikely collaboration between blue-chip tech giant Intel and Brooklyn-based international indie-culture magazine Vice has produced a fresh, exciting and entirely engrossing online and offline media destination. The Creators Project describes itself as a "new network dedicated to the celebration of creativity, culture and technology across media, and around the world" with two mandates: identifying and celebrating the work of "visionary artists" and serving as "an arts foundation of sorts that facilitates the production and dissemination of new work with these artists and their collaborators."

At, a media channel centered around original video (with more than 50 million streams to date) and blogs, internationally acclaimed DJs and musicians including Mark Ronson and Peaches are commingled with fashion icons (e.g., Vera Wang, Suh Sangyoung) and visual artists (Ray Lei, Stefan Sagmeister). At social-media-powered Creators Events, which kicked off in New York City over the summer then branched out to London, Sao Paulo, Seoul and Bejing, art exhibitions, film screenings, panel discussions and live performances have exhilarated audiences.

Blazingly ambitious? Yes. Brilliantly executed? Absolutely.

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