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Target Video Game Adviser

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At most Target stores across the U.S.

Moms make the majority of household purchasing decisions, including video-game buys. After conducting research that showed gaming remains a blind spot for many moms -- they're often unsure about the differences between consoles and the age-appropriateness of games -- Target rolled out touch-screen kiosks in 1,000 of its stores this year, working with interactive agency Schematic to develop a tool for parents to educate themselves about Target 's vast selection of gaming products.

The 40-inch high-def screen includes a filtering mechanism based on age or genre, real-time inventory info, customer reviews, and game trailers, and even lets users page a Target employee for help. The UI is simple enough to mesh nicely with Target 's minimalist aesthetic, but sophisticated enough to leave customers feeling newly armed with product knowledge even after spending just a minute using the Advisor. And on the back-end, Target gets valuable data that track the correlation between terminal use and sales, basket size, return rate and time savings for Target floor staff.

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