Best New Live Mobile Video Tool

Ustream Broadcaster

Published on .

Available via multiple mobile stores

With Ustream's broadcast app (for iOS devices, Android, Nokia), suddenly anyone can broadcast video live from anywhere they can snag a data connection. If you already have a Ustream account, you can be live in two taps of a finger and it will automatically let your entire social network know you're broadcasting. And, as you're broadcasting, you can poll and chat with viewers, all from a clean interface, and finished videos can be sent to YouTube for posterity.

Of course, this is all for naught if you're only broadcasting play-by-play of your cat slipping across the floor, and so far, Broadcaster is still looking for a breakout event that will highlight its potential for a wider audience. But the technology that transforms our lives is the technology that's easy to use, and Broadcaster is so easy your cat could point the camera at you.

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