Best Consumer Magazine Twitter Strategy

People Magazine

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In addition to keeping them abreast of the Longoria-Parker troubles, @PeopleMag regularly retweets, responds to and "Follow Fridays" its 2.2 million Twitter followers. Such efforts have rewarded, as well as and, with online visitors; their respective Twitter accounts (@StyleWatchMag has 531,000 followers; @PeoplePets has just shy of 1 million) are now top 10 traffic drivers to the sites.

But People Digital doesn't just use Twitter for driving traffic; it's also driving conversation. The day Golden Girl Rue McClanahan died, the editors behind People's Twitter feed asked their followers to try to make #ThankYouForBeingAFriend a trending topic. Hours later, it was that -- and a fitting tribute to the actress's life.

People has made its sites more Twitter friendly with "Tweet This" buttons and a Tweet Ticker module that aggregates celebrity Twitter musings, and the group has turned its Twitter presence into an ad sales tool, selling sponsored tweets to the likes of GMC and Lifetime.

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