Best Consumer-Service Website Relaunch

Allstate Teen Driver Website

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By all rights, the Allstate Teen Driver website should be a bore. Its mandate is to educate 12- to 19-year-olds about stuff they don't really want to be educated on, including the challenges of learning to drive, the rules of the road and the risks of texting at the wheel.

Working with Acquity Group, Allstate decided to relaunch the site this year to not only embrace the way teens think and speak (with an emphasis on sarcasm and skepticism), but to engage them with clever control simulations, quizzes, accident-simulating modules and (actually funny!) videos and interactive gaming. In just the first few months of the relaunch, the site drew more than 100,000 unique visits (previously a registration-based site, it had drawn just 8,000 registrants in its entire first five years), with a big boost from educators who are happy to direct their students to a totally engaging multimedia site with a simple, life-saving message: "Teens can become smarter drivers."

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