Best Use of Video on Demand for Consumer Service/Outreach

Pillsbury Recipe Channel

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Available in New York-area Cablevision homes

Available since May 2010 in 2.9 million New York-area Cablevision homes, the Pillsbury Recipe Channel integrates interactive TV with on-demand video to give consumers access to a sort of living, breathing cookbook. An ultra-simple interface (designed to be easy to navigate with a TV remote) offers family-friendly recipes for everything from Thai Appetizer Pizza to Easy Stromboli, each using at least one Pillsbury-branded ingredient. In-kitchen video demos walk viewers through the recipes, featuring brand-related personalities including past Pillsbury Bake-off competition participants.

The channel was the result of a collaboration between Pillsbury, Zenith and Rainbow Advertising Sales at Cablevision. The goal: deploying Cablevision's interactive TV capabilities to deepen Pillsbury's relationship with its customers and potential customers. The pay-off so far has been dramatic, with more than half a million unique households (out of 2.9 million total) visiting the channel, with an average engagement time of more than nine minutes.

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