Best Social-Media Loyalty Program

USA Network's Club Psych

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Want to get people to do something? Give 'em points, a badge or a leaderboard to climb. Those are the kind of gameplay mechanics marketers and media companies are starting to weave throughout products and experiences. And there's no finer example in media than USA Network's "Character Rewards" loyalty program, which launched its first initiative, Club Psych, in July.

The idea? To build the web presence and encourage social-media sharing around the network's mystery comedy-drama "Psych." Fans register through the Club Psych website and earn points by watching videos, reposting content, playing games and browsing photo galleries. Points can be redeemed for real-world mugs, character bobbleheads and other merch. In the first month Club Psych and its 30,000 members accounted for a 30% lift in overall site traffic and 1.5 million page views in just one month. Not a bad reward, indeed.

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