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New York Magazine on the Web

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Last century, New York Magazine set a new standard for general-interest magazines. This century, it's set a new standard for how glossy stalwarts can thrive and innovate on the web. In the process, has become much more than just a city-mag website; it's transformed into a destination for a global audience seeking authoritative information on urban living, fashion, politics, pop culture and more. Innovative departments such as the Shop-A-Matic product guide have inspired legions of imitators, while the beloved Vulture culture blog has become a big brand of its own.

Today, some 7.5 million monthly unique visitors have come to depend on as a 24/7 news and entertainment source -- which they may or may not be aware still has thriving weekly print magazine attached to it. Perhaps most remarkably, revenue from the site's premium display advertising will account for 30% of the company total this year (up from just 4% in 2004).

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