Best Original Web Series

'Legion of Extraordinary Dancers'

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Whether you lean toward the "vast wasteland" or "infinitely entertaining" characterization of the online video space, it's safe to say you probably hadn't seen anything like "Legion of Extraordinary Dancers" when it made its debut on Hulu in July.

Created by Jon M. Chu, produced by Mr. Chu and Hieu Ho in partnership with Agility Studios and distributed by Paramount Digital Entertainment, this richly produced series that follows a cast of highly talented dancers has arguably ushered in a new auteur movement in webisodic broadcasting. It launched with a fan base out of the gate, thanks to performances at the 2010 TED Conference and the Academy Awards, and has been rolling out globally through the year. As Ad Age contributor Larry Dobrow put it earlier this year, "'LXD' is, by a wide margin, the most beautifully filmed, elaborately staged web series in the history of the medium. ... [It] arrives as fully formed as most feature films."

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