Best Magazine App That Really Needed to Be Great

Wired IPad Edition

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Available on iTunes

Does Wired have an advantage over other magazines on the iPad? Sure. Its editors constantly think about consumer and communications tech, while its readers lunge for good gadgets. But that also made Wired the equivalent of a storied New York pizzeria: selling a substandard slice would have been noticed.

Happily for Wired -- especially after its debut iPad issue was downloaded 24,000 times in 24 hours, on its way to more than 105,000 copies sold -- the app demonstrates the state of the art in almost every way. Every page is laid out to look like it was conceived for the iPad. Infographics that are impressive in print receive time-lapse controls in the iPad edition. Some people complained about big file sizes and long download times, but those were worthwhile prices for videos that play at a touch.

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