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It's entirely possible that kids growing up today will have no idea what platform NPR began on. And for the public radio network, that's a good thing. Building on its already successful website, NPR has been expanding craftily into new platforms this year, including iOS devices and Android, and the mobile space now accounts for a whopping 40% of its internet traffic.

Its signature app, NPR News on the iPhone, draws in about 20% of the network's total internet traffic and provides a top-class experience for consuming content and streaming affiliate stations while on the go. The subsequent NPR Music app has also been a runaway success, letting users browse by musical genre or an extensive library of featured artists, then stream audio and save tracks to a playlist. And when Apple's iPad was launched in April, NPR was ready at the gate, offering a full-screen experience of everything it has to offer on the web, beautifully assembled for the tablet.

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