Best TV Broadcaster Social-Media Engagement Platform


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Lots of media products that are high profile in the social-media sphere end up underperforming in reality. Realizing that, Oxygen set out on a mission to try to convert social chatter into real engagement by hosting "two-screen social viewing parties" centered on its signature shows, including "The Bad Girls Club," on OxygenLive.

Viewers could chat with cast members live during broadcasts, and tweet or Facebook-update from the same hub. With real-time data captured from the experiment, Oxygen was able to track a massive bump in ratings .

OxygenLive initially ran only for East Coast "Bad Girls" viewers. When the West Coast got its own OxygenLive, season-over-season ratings jumped from 9% (without OxygenLive) to 57%, helping to make "Bad Girls" the first Oxygen original series in history to average more than 1 million viewers, ages 18-49.

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