Best Original Sponsored Web Series From a Traditional Broadcaster

"A Conception Story: Six Journeys to Pregnancy"

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Inspired by TLC's long-running "A Baby Story," the web series "A Conception Story: Six Journeys to Pregnancy" -- co-produced with the makers of the First Response pregnancy test -- told the story of six women on the road to motherhood over a 10-episode arc. The show offered an innovative blend of professionally produced segments and DIY content: Each mom-to-be was given a Flip camcorder so she could capture her own video-diaristic thoughts on her own time and terms.

A lot of reality shows achieve "authenticity" by faking it. By putting its subjects in control, the producers of "A Conception Story" offered viewers an unvarnished portrayal of the challenges of trying to conceive. Rounded out by weekly blog posts and an active message-board community, the web series ultimately came off as one giant, engaged support group for not only the show's "characters," but its viewers.

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