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'Burn Notice,' MTV, 'Letterman' Among the Winners

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A page from the 'Burn Notice' digital graphic novel
A page from the 'Burn Notice' digital graphic novel
"Burn Notice" digital graphic novel
Available on iTunes and in the Android Market

USA Network worked with DC Entertainment and "Burn Notice" series creator Matt Nix to introduce an innovative companion comic book in digital form, "A New Day," enhanced with interactive games, videos, peel-a-ways that show the making of the artwork, and Facebook and Twitter integration. The first volume was such a hit -- with more than 160,000 unique users and millions of page views (including app-free views at -- that USA was able to attract a sponsor, Hyundai, for the just-released second volume.

Live on Letterman webcasts

An original multiplatform concert series from CBS Interactive Music Group, "Live on Letterman" features artists appearing on upcoming episodes of the "Late Show with David Letterman." The shows are staged at Manhattan's historic Ed Sullivan Theater, webcast live and on-demand, on CBS Radio and through mobile apps. Bands including Coldplay, Wilco, Rascal Flatts, Gorillaz and Incubus have offered essentially free full-fledged concerts, and this spring's nearly two-hour AT&T-sponsored Foo Fighters show featured the group in skinny suits and ties, rocking out in a black-and-white webcast that paid homage to the Beatles' legendary performances on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

Available on iTunes, in the Android Market, at

With the March expansion of to include more than 1,400 episodes and movies (most in HD) and the spring launch of HBO Go mobile and iPad apps, HBO extended its leadership role in expanding beyond traditional TV-viewing platforms. This beautifully executed suite of digital delivery systems for entertainment empowers consumers with more ways to engage wherever and whenever, giving the network's long-running tagline -- "It's Not TV. It's HBO." -- added resonance.

The scrolling feed as MTV 's WatchWith app accompanies a viewing of 'Jersey Shore'
The scrolling feed as MTV 's WatchWith app accompanies a viewing of 'Jersey Shore'

MTV WatchWith app
Available on iTunes

MTV , one of the undisputed leaders of the social-TV phenomenon, launched its WatchWith app this summer to allow fans to curate the conversation about its shows on Twitter and Facebook -- with the ability to prioritize one's own followers and friends -- and to get access to bonus content including videos, photos and news reports. The app, available for iPad and iPhone, mercifully streams content tied to the timeline of specific episodes, so catching up via DVR or MTV .com can be a spoiler-free experience.

OxygenLive App with Shazam
Available on iTunes and in the Android Market

To deepen viewer engagement with its new reality competition show "The Glee Project," Oxygen Network teamed up with Shazam -- the company that famously makes a mobile app that can listen to and identify snippets of music -- for the innovative OxygenLive App with Shazam. It allowed fans to engage in live chats with Oxygen stars during broadcasts and also let viewers "Shazam" (using Shazam's audio-content-recognition technology) a five-minute window of each episode of "The Glee Project," thereby unlocking fan extras including exclusive videos.

Shark Week on Twitter
@SharkWeek with @Discovery

To boost cable's longest-running event (24 years!), Discovery Channel launched @SharkWeek on Twitter this summer. Together with @Discovery, the witty, hyper-responsive @SharkWeek feed helped churn up more than 750,000 tweets mentioning Shark Week from July 31 to Aug. 7, with #SharkWeek repeatedly becoming an organic global trending topic. And @SharkWeek alone generated more than 400,000 page views and 22 ,000 video streams at through Aug. 7.

The Star Trek PADD app for the iPad
The Star Trek PADD app for the iPad

Star Trek PADD app
Available on iTunes

The "Star Trek" PADD app, developed for CBS Interactive by ArcTouch, is a geektastic delight: It gives superfans access to decades worth of "Star Trek" information, via the rich database available at, and serves it up with a twist: The app mimics the "Star Trek" LCARS computer system. Unlike the actual LCARS, though, this app integrates with the show's Facebook page and Twitter feed, boldly going where no fictional computer operating system has gone before.

NPR mobile and iPad apps
Available on iTunes and in the Android Market

For the second year in a row, NPR wins an MVA for its unparalleled suite of apps. Its comprehensive iPad app uses a magazine-style presentation to represent NPR content -- News, Music and Arts & Life -- as a browsable universe. The NPR Music app, for iPhone/iPod Touch, and the NPR News app for both iPhone/iPod Touch and Android, offer user interfaces that are streamlined but deep. The news app, for instance, allows users to connect to constantly updated podcasts, programs and more than 1,000 station streams.

Univision radio app
Available on iTunes

The Univision Radio App launched only in August, but it already has more than 200,000 avid users, thanks to a streamlined, bilingual interface that makes it easy for the fast-growing U.S. Hispanic mobile audience to tune into 45 Univision stations across the country. The app also lets fans connect with favorite DJs through Facebook, Twitter and text messaging -- and even allows for one-touch dialing to radio call-in shows.

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