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Seven Clever Musical Marketing Stunts

Advertisers Are Embarking on Unusual Campaigns, From Sneakers That Drop Beats to Instruments Made of Hair

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Advertisers' quest to get attention for their products is reaching some new hair-raising dimensions-- quite literally, as you'll see from the list we've compiled below.

Knowing that audio is a great medium to connect with consumers, marketers these days are transforming even the most mundane goods into music. Among the many stunts marketers have conceived to promote their brands are these amazing transformations that turn their wares into instruments. Here are seven that struck a chord with us.

Kickin' Kicks

To promote the Nike Free Run+ flexible running shoe, Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo teamed with Japanese DJ/musicians Hifana to turn the kicks into controllers in a music-making DJ kit.

More recently, adidas teamed with French coder Didier Brun to enable those wearing its Mega brand shoe to make music just by simply moving their feet.

Tummy Tunes
Now, you can stuff your face to a beat, thanks to this invention via Grip Limited, for Pizza Hut. The agency helped celebrate Pizza Hut Canada's quarter of a million Facebook fans with this clever invention that makes music when you dip slices into tubs of sauce.

Virtual Jam Session
It's always fun to jam with friends, but what happens when you live thousands of miles apart? Google solved that problem with this fun Chrome experiment, created out of Google Creative Lab with production company Tool. The app lets you hook up with friends online to play music together, picking from up to 19 instruments, all playable through your keyboard.

Intelligent Music
Intel wanted to show how its processor could make tablets powerful too with this recent project, "Intelligent Sounds," created out of Sydney-based agency The Monkeys and production company Finch. The brand turned a handful of robots and 60 tablets into a futuristic orchestra that performed an original track from up-and-coming music producer Flume, aka Harley Streten.

May the Song Be With You
To promote the release of Star Wars Episode 3D in Germany, Serviceplan Munich and Lego used the toy bricks to create this giant barrel organ that played the franchise's theme song. And, in a clever move reflecting the film's multidimensions, the topography of the barrel illustrated scenes from the movie too.

Gee, Your Hair Sounds Terrific!
Hair does more than shine and glimmer in this outrageous stunt for Unilever's Cream Silk shampoo brand, created out of JWT Singapore. To promote the brand's hair-strengthening properties, the agency worked with bow-maker Paul Goh to create instruments made with real human hair that had been washed with the shampoo. The instruments were then used in a 40-song 240-minute string quartet concert in Manila. And apparently, there was zero hair breakage.

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