Cover Story: 'Harry Potter' does the trick for November covers

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It wasn't AOL Time Warner synergy alone that vaulted Daniel Radcliffe-former "who is he?" and current star of the mega-juggernaut "Harry Potter" flick-into the top spot for November's Cover Story. But it helped. Giving hope to cute nerds everywhere, the bespectacled Mr. (Master? Junior Mister?) Radcliffe was splashed all over Time Inc.'s Entertainment Weekly, People and Time-but, it must be noted, his eight point showing was given the big boost by basking in the spotlight of Premiere. Second place goes to former child star Drew Barrymore. Third place went to Cover Story perennial and longtime "Friend" Jennifer Aniston-who, interestingly, trounced fellow genetically gifted (looks, we mean) hubby Brad Pitt, who trailed her five points with a piddling two. Fresh-faced Prince William made a surprise showing in fourth, just nosing out Cover Story regulars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman. That Osama Bin Laden posted merely three points despite pulling what Cover Story likes to call a Springsteen-that is, hitting Time and Newsweek simultaneously-means the terrorists have not already won. Not when it comes to getting your mug on the cover of glossy mags, at least.

Cover Story is Ad Age's monthly rankings of celebrities' popularity as reflected by their appearances on the covers of more than 30 of the nation's leading publications.

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