Cover Story: Man with no address gets premium mag real estate

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Unquestionably October 2001 is the first month when the winner of Cover Story goes to a man with no fixed address-and should Osama bin Laden get one, don't even bother calling us, get Delta Force on the line. (They're unlisted, but The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh has a number for 'em.) The baddest bad guy in the world's 7 1/2 points topped all others on mag covers in the second wave of post-Sept. 11 covers. And while aggregating all Sept. 11 related covers would crush all newsstand competition in October, it's interesting to note that bin Laden's showing bests those of the good guys-shots of cops and policemen, in third with 5 1/2 points. Between good and evil, in second place, is the quite-good-herself Drew Barrymore, whose covers of Movieline and Esquire's faintly lecherous "Women We Love" issue won her second place. Left far behind: Newlywed Jennifer Lopez-how the world has changed-whose 2 1/2 Cover Story points means the lovely Latina significantly trailed fun topics like "bioterrorism" last month. Completely off the radar, albeit up for re-election: U.S. Congressman Gary Condit.

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