Cover Story: Mariah mania marks close of another summer season

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Millions everywhere want to know: What does it take to win Cover Story? According to August, all you need is trillions of records sold, a disaster-in-waiting movie that's had its release date pushed back, and, oh, yeah, a nervous breakdown. Mariah Carey, August had your name written all over it, even though Cover Story's still surly since the "Glitter" star's management deleted your, um, more interesting diary entries from your Web site. The Long Island warbler's 10 Cover Story points crushed all comers, with loads of dark-horse contenders making good showings as the stinkbomb stench of summer blockbuster season fades into the autumnal evening. Tied for second with six points was missing intern Chandra Levy, man-on-the-rebound Tom Cruise, his spurned wife Nicole Kidman, and Helen Hunt, co-star of Woody Allen's latest trifle "The Curse of the Jade Scorpion." In third, with 5 1/2 points: "Rush Hour 2" stealth megastar Chris Tucker, Jennifer Aniston of "Friends", and-taking the dark-horse of the month award-Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg.

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