Economy slowdown still dominates media

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SUPER BOWL SECOND: Nothing gets the attention of the media like a downturn in the media economy-not even the Super Bowl. While marketing hoopla surrounding the big game did score a normally impressive Spindex of 7,173, it actually trailed a bigger marketing event-the slowdown in the advertising economy-in this month's Spindex analysis. The Spindex sample of influential media outlets devoted 963 stories, generating a Spindex of 8,182. Two other Super Bowl marketing-related events-ads by PepsiCo for Pepsi-Cola and ads by Anheuser-Busch for Budweiser- ranked third and fourth for the month with Spindices of 1,094 and 750, respectively. Advertising controversy surrounding Fox's "Temptation Island" ranked fifth. Interestingly, several advertisers that did not appear in the Super Bowl generated enough Super Bowl-related media coverage to almost qualify in this month's ranking. Viagra, which was never named but was parodied in Pepsi's "Little Blue Friend" spot featuring Bob Dole scored a Spindex of 451, while Pepsi rival Coca-Cola Co. earned a Spindex of 335.
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