Election continues to garner the most votes

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All about chad: At a time when most Americans should be thinking about the Grinch stealing Christmas, Spindex was pondering who really stole the election. Based on the analysis of marketing-related news coverage in the Spindex sample of influential media outlets, we can only conclude that it was neither George Bush, nor Al Gore, but Madison Ave. that has taken the electoral crown.

Advertising and marketing antics over the presidential election dominated the marketing news coverage during the month leading up to this column, scoring an executive-level Spindex of 2,870.

The more cyclical seasonal theme of holiday shopping-both traditional and electronic-dominated the No. 2 and No. 3 slots this month.

The Grinch, meanwhile, may not have actually stolen Christmas, but the Jim Carrey film version of the Dr. Seuss classic did steal the box office, as well as a fourth-place ranking in this month's Spindex chart. Cher and her Mattel-created action figure, meanwhile, captured fifth place with their controversial product placement on hit NBC series "Will & Grace."

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