Movies spring into action for summer

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TIME FOR ACTION: The Hollywood Stock Exchange has posted four major action/drama/thrillers as having the potential to grab major box revenue. Touchstone Pictures' "Gone in 60 Seconds"; Warner Bros.' "The Perfect Storm"; and Columbia Pictures' "The Patriot" are all sitting near the H$80 share price -- with Paramount Pictures' "Mission: Impossible 2" fetching a whopping H$140 a share.

For "MI2," the better news is that Tom Cruise's StarBond is also at its highest level, more than H$5,000, the highest for any actor tracked.

While "60 Seconds" seems to be tracking well, star Nicholas Cage's numbers hover at about half his 52-week-high level. This could be the result of his earlier "Bringing Out the Dead," which didn't fare well at the box office. Mr. Cage plays a car thief in the new movie, who tries to steal 50 cars in one night to help his brother -- played by Giovanni Ribisi -- out of a mob debt.

With "The Perfect Storm," George Clooney seems to be taking another step toward equaling Hollywood's summertime box office stars. In this drama/thriller, Mr. Clooney plays the captain of a fishing boat caught in a deadly 1991 North Atlantic northeaster.

Mel Gibson's StarBond is near its 52-week high, good news for his role as Gen. Francis Marion, who worked to cut British supply lines in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War.

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