Oscar takes starring role in media coverage

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STARSTRUCK: And the SPINdex goes to . . . the Oscars. Marketing-related activities surrounding this year's Academy Awards dominated the attention of the SPINdex sample of influential print and electronic media outlets, making it the top story of the past month. The electronic media were particularly enamored of the event, devoting 260 stories and 108 minutes of airtime to marketing stories surrounding the awards. Ranking second for the month was coverage surrounding John and Patsy Ramsey's book marketing tour, which also elicited ample TV coverage.

Meanwhile, the media were asking "Where's the cream filling?" giving ample coverage to the Hostess Twinkies shortage. The snack food drought garnered a SPINdex of 780, for third-place honors. Ranking surprisingly low as a marketing event at fourth place was marketing superstar Michael Jordan's announcement that he would eschew endorsement deals.

And clawing its way into fifth place was the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' controversial "Got Beer?" parody of the dairy industry's "Got Milk?" campaign.

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