Special Mentions

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Most clutter-busting use of intentionally bad music

Quiznos "We Love the Subs"

The Martin Agency, Richmond

Best Part Two

Coors Light "Wing Dog" Deutsch/L.A.

Lyrics: Brad Beerbohm, Eric Springer Performer: Chris Lee

Best Anthropomorphic Accompaniment

(via accordion and French vocals)

Chef Boyardee "Rolling Can"

Leo Burnett, Chicago Music Company: Spank!/Chicago; Composer: Tetes Raides, "Un P'tit Air"

Best transformation of renowned blues artist into busker

Heineken "Street Music" Publicis/N.Y.

Music: Roy Gaines, "Double Dealing Woman"

Notable resurrection of indie pop star

Monster "Soulmates" Deutsch/N.Y.

Track: "I Dig You"

Musical Artist: Robert Smith

Ultimate Weave-Elegant union of sound design and licensed track

Adidas "Long Run" 180/Amsterdam

Mit Out Sound and Agoraphone (Artist: Calexico, "Pepita")

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