Summer cinema market heats up

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VACATION FLICKS: Despite what they say, film studios love a boring story -- especially when it's a tale of how big stars translate into big bucks summer movies.

This is what Jim Carrey, Mel Gibson, Eddie Murphy and Patrick Stewart are doing this season, according to the Hollywood Stock Exchange (, each with an upcoming movie release. ( is an Internet game in which players buy and sell movies and actors like stocks and bonds.)

"Me, Myself & Irene," stars Mr. Carrey as a Rhode Island state trooper with multiple personalities. One day he fails to take his medication, and his personalities go to war against each other. This movie is on track to have a $25 million U.S. box office opening weekend, reaching $100 million in four weeks.

The same good news goes for "The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps," starring Eddie Murphy, who again plays a grossly overweight man. He ingests a chemical that turns him slim but obnoxious.

Mr. Murphy's stock price -- while lower than the magical $3,000 mark of the other actors -- is still near its yearly high, an indication of how HSXers feel about his chances of succeeding again.

Two of the highest box office numbers right now go to Mel Gibson and "The Patriot," along with Patrick Stewart, who stars as in the live-action film from the comic book series "X-Men." Each movie's MovieBond level points to $110 million in U.S. box office revenue in the first four weeks.

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