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Adidas "Hello Tomorrow"

The track is a sweet, spooky, wondrous, soft vocal performace by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O. accompanied by a glockenspiel that aptly matches Spike Jonze's surreal journey about a man and his magic sneakers.

Music Company: Squeak E. Clean Productions Composer: Sam Spiegel Musical Artist: Karen O. Agency:TBWA/San Francisco (180/TBWA) ECD: Lee Clow CD/AD: Joe Kayser ECD/CW: Chuck McBride Director: Spike Jonze/MJZ Editor: Haines Hall/Spot Welders VFX: Sea Level /Venice

Honda (UK) "Grrr"

There's nothing to hate about Garrison Keillor's jolly good sing-a-long featuring the whistles of Wieden London's creative team and the put-put of the diesel engine that could.

Music Company: Amber Music Arrangers: John Waddell, Will Parnell Sound Studio: Wave Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/London CDs: Kim Papworth, Tony Davidson Agency Creatives/Songwriters: Sean Thompson, Michael Russoff, Richard Russell Director: Smith & Foulkes/Nexus Productions

Nike "Magnet"

Cycling through instruments as Lance Armstrong cycles through the countryside, the song brings passion and drive to a story without words.

Music Company: Elias Arts CD: Dave Gold Composers: Jimmy Haun, Dave Wittman Sound Design: 740 Sound Design, Dane Tracks Sound Designers: Eddie Kim, Dane Davis Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/Portland CDs: Mike Byrne, Hal Curtis CW: Mike Byrne AD: James Selman Director: Jake Scott/RSA USA Editor: Angus Wall/Rock Paper Scissors VFX Company: A52

Target "Design for All"

A catchy, indie-feeling anthem featuring a flute-like whistle and just enough tambourine is paired with images and titles about design and its functions, while we hear the lyrics "Say something new."

Music: Rick Meyer/Modern Music Song: "Say Something New" Artist: The Concrete Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks/Minneapolis CD: Dave Peterson CW: Jennifer Shears AD: Georges Krivobok Director: Matthew Badger/Epoch Films Editor: Brett Astor/ Fischer Edit VFX: Pixel Farm

Burger King "Fantasy Ranch"

"Big Rock Candy Mountain" becomes the "Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch," with new indulgent and provocative words that sing an ode to the sandwich's ingredients.

Music Company: Beacon Street Studios Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky ECD: Alex Bogusky CD: Andrew Keller ACD: Rob Reilly CWs: Evan Fry, Brian Tierney ADs: John Parker, Ben James Director: David LaChapelle/HSI Productions Editor: Chan Hatcher/Cosmo Street Post: Riot

HP "Picture Book"

Besides matching its subject matter perfectly, this track-by a legendary band with lyrics that specifically reference photography-is catchy in the best possible way.

Song: "Picture Book" Musical Artist: The Kinks Music Supervision: Agoraphone Final Mix: LIME Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners CDs: Rich Silverstein, John Norman CD/CW: Steve Simpson Director: Francois Vogel/Paranoid [email protected]

@Tool Editor: Hal Honigsberg/chrome VFX: Zoic Studios

Stella Artois "Ice Skating Priests"

In a move that brings a touch of history to a silent film from the modern era, a familiar classical tune gets a piano rendition that emphasizes the drama unfolding with thirsty priests on ice skates.

Song: "Hungarian Dance No. 2" Composer: Franz Liszt Music Companies: Soundtree, Wave Music: Peter Raeburn, Johnnie Burn Agency: Lowe/London Creative: Vince Squibb Director: Jonathan Glazer/Academy Productions Editor: Paul Watts Postproduction Companies: The Moving Picture Company, The Quarry

Nike "Masks"

Simultaneously aggressive, alarming, dissonant and just plain cool, it's a tune that makes images of athletes in funny masks and skivvies look intense and frightening.

Song: "Migration" Artist: Cop Shoot Cop Music Company: Agoraphone Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/Portland CDs: Mike Byrne, Hal Curtis CW: Mark Fitzloff AD: Storm Tharp Director: Tarsem/ Editor: Robert Duffy

New Belgium Brewing Co. "Tinkerer'

The folksy acoustic guitars accompany some shaky but endearing harmonies from indie singer/songwriter Devendra Banhart.

Song: "At the Hop" Musical Artist: Devendra Banhart Agency: Amalgamated CD/CWs: Jason Gaboriau, Doug Holt Director: Jake Scott/RSA USA Director (Tabletop): Greg Ramsey/Celsius Films Editors: Rick Lawley, Jeff Jay/Whitehouse

Virgin Mobile "Snowflakes"

Rock band Ween wrote the melody, and the writers at Fallon made up the holiday of Chrismahanukwanzakah as a way to include all religions. Sung by a caveman, an East Indian Santa in a turban and a Scientologist dressed as a cell phone, it's a clever jingle that we hope to hear next year.

Composer: Ween Audio Postproduction: Sound Lounge Sound Engineer: Tommy Jacarone Agency: Fallon/N.Y. ECD: Ari Merkin ACD: Wayne Best CW: Adam Alshin ADs: Marcus Woolcott, Wayne Best Director: Kuntz & Maguire/MJZ Editor: Jun Diaz/MacKenzie Cutler Editorial

Special Mention

Dr Pepper "Anything for Love"

Song: "Anything for Love" Artist: Meat Loaf Agency: Young & Rubicam/N.Y. ECD: Ann Hayden CDs: Rachel Howald, Ahmer Kalam CW: John Battle AD: Maria Scileppi Director: Stacy Wall/Epoch Films Editor: Lisa Gunning/Whitehouse

Muller "I've Got Life"

Artist: Nina Simone Creatives; Carol Haig, Phil Martin Director: Jeff Thomas/Paul Weilands Editor: John Smith/Whitehouse Postproduction: The Mill

Lynx "Stream"

Song: "Seli" Composers: Anton Garcia Abril, Marcello Giombini Agency: BBH/London Creatives: Jon Fox, Rik Brown CD: Rosie Arnold Director: Tom Carty/Gorgeous Enterprises Editor: Paul Watts/The Quarry

Playstation 2 "War"

Music Company: V/V/M Mixers: Andrew Stansfield, Rob Schroeder/Videolab Artist: Alphaville Song: "Forever Young" Agency: TBWA Hunt Lascaris/Joahnnesburg CD/CW/AD: Paul Warner Director: Keith Rose/Velocity Films Editor: Willie Saayman/City Cuts VFX: The Refinery Post

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